Miami Climate Month


Let The #ClimateDebate Begin in Miami

The Democratic Debates are coming to Miami. 

Will they talk about the Climate Crisis as they should?

Miami Climate Month is a collaboration of organizations that want to elevate the need for action to address the  #ClimateEmergency we are all experiencing worldwide but particularly here in Miami. There will be a series of events: panels, press briefings, watch parties, community workshops, art and culture projects and activities leading up to the debates. 

As the first Democratic presidential debates arrive to Miami on June 26 and 27, the entire world will be watching our city. Miami is ground zero for sea level rise and climate change impacts and we want to ensure that the presidential candidates have the climate crisis as a top priority on their agenda. Climate solutions must be a central platform for any serious Presidential candidate.

We invite you to attend one or more of these climate-related events where you can learn about the issues affecting our communities.

The time for climate action is now! Follow the conversation using the hashtag: #ClimateEmergency all month long.

Join us in taking action during

Miami Climate Month


Upcoming Events

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